We begin with an informal meeting between the student, parents/guardian and the Principal. The goal of the meeting is for all parties to determine whether there is a fit between the student’s needs, goals and personality and the school’s programs and culture.

Parents/guardian should bring the following to the interview:

– a recent copy of signed OST (Ontario School Transcript)
– a copy of the student’s most recent report card
– two passport size photographs
– proof of school’s fees payment
– completed application forms both paper form showing all required high school credit courses. The virtual application form allows students to setup their own password protected secured accounts, which enables them getting access to their teacher’s notes, assignments, projects, marks, …

Academic Assessment

If the student, parents/guardian and principal are all satisfied that the right fit exists between the prospective student and the school, the next step involves an Academic Assessment of the student’s skills in reading, writing and math. There is no fee for the assessment.

Grades 9: Students are required to participate in our assessment process. The assessment takes 2-3 hours. It is designed to identify the child’s abilities in mathematics, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and reading comprehension.

Grades 10, 11 & 12: Students are admitted based on submission of current academic records.

Kisomo full year basic tuition fee is $12500 for international secondary school students and $8850 for local high school students. Installment and monthly payment options are available. Pleaser refer to Fee Table at the bottom of this page.

Kisomo School offers a premium student experience. Specifically, we offer an approximate student-teacher ratio of 10:1, enabling a high level of individual support & coaching. Experienced teachers offer personalized, direct instruction, individual coaching and support.

Payment Policies and Notes regarding school fees:

Fees are payable by cash, debit card, major credit cards (Mater Card, American Express and Visa) or cheque.
If the fee is not paid in full, $200 per subject deposit required at registration. post-dated cheques must be provided to cover the remaining balance.
School fees are not subject to HST tax.
Fees for special schedules and/or situations quoted separately. Additional fees may apply for international students, and/or for students requiring special English language support.

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