Groveville Collegiate

An Online Private School Inspected by Ontario Ministry of Education

Groveville International Collegiate

Groveville offers high school credit courses towards the attainment of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Our School Program provides students with online classes and a flexible learning environment.

We Offer

Quality Education

At Groveville, we are aiming for quality education. We understand the various demands placed on high school students. Our professional and caring teaching staff create a safe and stimulating learning environment through continuous encouragement and assistance. We value each individual’s strengths and qualities, helping our students maximize their potentials and achieve their goals.

Our Mission

Our mission to provide individuals with unique learning experiences that will assist them to recognize and utilize their potentials. We encourage our students to be creative learners, thinkers and doers. We celebrate the diversity of gender, culture, background and physical or mental ability of all students and we provide an environment conducive to their individual success.

Ontario Accredited Online High School

Some students may find it difficult to join the normal day or night classes due to other commitments, course conflicts, or because they live too far from a school campus.  To address this issue, Groveville offers on-line courses also known as e-learning or virtual school through a variety of online courses.  Internet based courses allow students to complete courses from the comfort of their home.

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